The Sweet Tea Trail – what is it?

Summerville and Sweet Tea

Many of you know that Summerville is the “Birthplace of Sweet Tea.”   This is based on a list of items purchased in 1890 for a reunion of old soldiers near Summerville which included 600 pounds of sugar, and 880 gallons of iced tea.   Although our history of tea begins way before 1890.  In the 1700s, tea plants were imported into the area near Middleton Plantation.  They had a slow start and didn’t actually thrive until Dr. Charles Shepard created the Pinehurst Tea Plantation in the 1800s.  From there Summerville’s tea history began.

Sweet Tea Trail Purpose

The Sweet Tea Trail was created for people to fully experience Summerville as the Birthplace of Sweet Tea and all that Summerville has to offer.  Embarking on the trail is a fun way to explore the shops, sites, sips and tastes that make life in Summerville so sweet.  The stops on the trail were selected because they offer a glimpse into the life in Summerville today and in the past.

Trail Guide

Summerville has created a Trail Guide to help people on the Sweet Tea Trail.  You can pick up a Trail Guide at the Visitors Center, at our office, or at any of the stops along the trail.  Here’s the map of the Sweet Tea Trail.

Sweet Tea Trail Map

Here’s a list of the stops along the way:

Summerville Sites


Coastal Coffee Roasters

Food & Coffee

Sweet Tea Shopping

The Rewards of Completion

Get a stamp in your Trail Guide at each stop you make.  Take the guide back to the Visitor Center and you’ll receive a surcee (gift) from Summerville.  Four stamps is a Summerville sticker for your car or window.  Eight stamps is a tea towel and twelve stamps is a T-shirt that you can only get by participating!  Have fun exploring Summerville!!