The Bark Tales – The New Pet Care Service in Town

A lot of us have pets who are a part of our family.  We love them and take them with us where ever we can.  What about the times we can’t take them with us?  When we have to leave them at home?  That’s where The Bark Tales comes in.

Meet Tuesday Sanders

I recently met Tuesday Sanders the owner of The Bark Tales.  Tuesday grew up not too far from here in Summerton.  She ended up in the Low Country when she went to school and has been here ever since. Taking care of Rigby and Barkley, her two pet Westies, during their later years were when Tuesday knew she had a special love for caring for animals.  She’s been pet sitting for years and this past April decided to do what she loves full time.  I like her.  She has a youthful energy and a love for animals that is immediately evident.  Yet, she has a professionalism that lets me know she’s reliable.

The Bark Tale Services

Their services are quite customizable and include:

  • Home Visits –  Potty breaks, attention and playtime while you’re away.
  • Out of Town –  No more worries when you go out of town.  Daily walks, food, medicine and love for your pet every day!
  • Special Events – Weddings, photoshoots, any event you’d like your pet at but need some extra help to make it happen.
  • Vet Visits – Routine vet visits so you don’t have to take time off from work.
  • Waste Management – Let them clean up your yard while they’re there for a home visit.

It’s nice to know our fur babies have the best care when we’re away.  Check out her website for additional details.  As a pet owner, if you’re thinking of selling, check out our other article – Why Pet-Friendly Homes are in High Demand.