Summerville Goat Yoga

Fun and Healthy – Goat Yoga

Are you looking for a healthy way to unwind from your stressful week?  Does your heart leap for joy when you meet a new furbaby?  I have two words for you…GOAT YOGA.  Did you just smile?  I know I did when I first heard of it! Summerville Goat Yoga!

My daughter treated me to a session recently.  I had never been to a yoga class before and I was excited to see what it was all about.  Flowertown Charm Mini Farm collaborates with Yoga with Joe to bring Goat Yoga to Summerville.  The owners, Chris and Jenna Pelayo, are originally from Hawaii.  They moved to Summerville in 2015 to pursue their dream of renovating a historic home with a mini farm. The Pelayos host an Airbnb and goat yoga on the property.  You can follow the beautiful renovations they make to their 1850’s historical home here.  If you’re looking for local honey, goat’s milk soap and soy candles…they’ve got you covered.

The mini farm is in the heart of Summerville on Stallsville Loop (behind Bi-Lo).  I have literally passed it hundreds of times, never knowing it was even there.  What a great surprise!

The Fun Goats

The property consists of a large historic home with a huge back yard.  This lovely haven is home to dogs, barn cats, goats, chickens, and bees.  The goats are friendly and inquisitive.  They are definitely nibblers and will taste water bottles, iPhones, and yoga mats.

The chickens mind their own business, but if you can catch one you are welcome to hold them.   The bees are safely located on the opposite side of the property and we had no indication that they were there. 

The Healthy Yoga

The yoga class is held outdoors, is gentle and the environment is relaxed.  We felt free to participate in what we could, rest if needed, and play with the goats when they meandered to our mats. To be in the middle of the city, this place is surprisingly serene.   

We loved meeting Jenna and seeing the neat things they are doing.

If you like yoga, goats, and laughter, then this is an experience you won’t want to miss!  Click on the photos below!