Selling Your Home for Top Dollar

Wanting or needing to sell your home? If yes, then you must have realized that it is not a cakewalk even if you are living in a seller’s market.  While there are many things to negotiate during a home sale, the sales price is usually the most important to the sellers.  Here are some tips to make sure you can sell your house quickly and at a desired price.

Clean and de-clutter

All buyers love to visualize themselves living in homes they preview.  Getting rid of unnecessary items and unwieldy furniture items to create the impression of large living space allows them to do this.  A home that is clean and de-cluttered also allows buyers to envision themselves living in the home.  If you struggle with this, the help of a staging company to make your house warm and inviting may be worth the investment.

Hire services of a professional real estate photographer

All buyers, (95%) start their house hunt online. They go through the pictures of the homes and shortlist only those that they find are reasonably priced and looking beautiful.  Ordinary photos clicked by your smart phone may not present your home in it’s best light. A professional photographer knows the best angles and lighting to take mesmerizing images of your property. These photos create the right impression on the buyers and they become curious in your home.

Set the asking price right

One common mistake by sellers is overpricing their home.  They reason they can always negotiate down, which is true, but overpricing doesn’t get the right buyers in your home.  Your home is now competing with homes that are accurately priced, and legitimately worth more than yours, and the buyers will make offers on those homes.  At the right price buyers will see the value and you’ll be better able to compete with homes at the same price.  Fair market value is not a science and depends on lots of factors, so do your homework or consult with an agent who knows the area.

Marketing Marketing Marketing

You can clean and de-clutter, get great photos and set the price well, but if you don’t get the word out that your home is for sale, it still won’t sell.  There are many ways to do this above putting a sign in the yard and an ad online.  A strategic marketing plan is key.  The more buyers that see the home, the better your odds of getting the best offer price or even multiple offers at one time.

Best of luck in selling you home.  If you want help or have any questions, please feel free to reach out.