Why You Should Sell During the Holidays

Why You Should Sell During the Holidays

Many people think that during the holidays is not the best time to sell your home. I disagree. Over the years I have realized a couple of things about selling during this time of year.

One, showings do slow down but the buyers who are out looking during the holidays are more serious about purchasing. Their overall level of urgency is higher because if they didn’t need to be buying now, they’d spend their time like everyone else … shopping and baking and going to the Nutcracker.

Two, when homes are decorated for the holidays, they show better. Most everyone enjoys the holiday spirit and seeing all the decorations. It shows off your home in its best light.

Three, because a lot of sellers wait to put their home on the market until January, there is less competition. Those who have been waiting for the right home to come on the market are still out there and still searching. Beat the competition to the market!  List today.

If you want to sell, don’t be victim to the myths out there that now is not a good time. It may be the prefect time!  Merry Christmas!