Public Works Art Center in Summerville

Public Works Art Center Soft Opening

Public Works Art Center

Public Works Art Center Building

A welcome addition to downtown Summerville is the Public Works Art Center.  It is in the old Post Office at 135 West Richardson St.  Originally built in the 1930s, the building served as the town post office until the 1980’s.  The Summerville Commissioners of Public Works then purchased the building and used it as office space.  They recently moved to a new facility in 2018.  The Commissioner of Public Works graciously worked with the founders of the Art Center so this space could be open to the public.

The building has two floors.  The renovations on the top floor are complete.  They allow for gallery exhibitions, studio artist residencies, art classes, and special event rentals.  The first floor is still a work in progress.

The Soft Opening

My mom and I attended their Soft Opening held last Saturday night.  It gave a preview of things to come as well as display some amazing artwork in multiple mediums.  It was attended by hundreds of people proving there is a need and interest in an art center.  With the soft opening already celebrated,  the Studio Artists are settling in and training volunteers for our greeter/docent positions is happening.

Public Works Art Center


The official hours that the Art Center will be open to the public begin February 18th with abbreviated hours till more volunteers are available to assist in the operation of the Art Center.  The hours are:

Tuesday-Friday: 10am-2pm
Saturday: 10am-6pm
Sunday and Monday: CLOSED

They will also be open every Third Thursday, and of course, for any evening classes will be scheduled.

Future Plans and Classes

Future plans are for additional studio spaces for artists, (some spaces already rented), public art classes for adults and children, a boutique gift shop, music events, an

outdoor market and special events rental space.

A class that is scheduled is Printmaking Magic.  In this “Printmaking Magic” class, instructor Heather Hill will lead students on an artistic journey over four sessions, all held on Monday nights in March from 6pm-7pm. Students aged 9 and up are welcome to join.  To check out other classes as they become available, click here.

Welcome to downtown Summerville Public Works Art Center!  For more about Summerville, check out our other posts about local Summerville.


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