Middleton Camellia Walk – a Photo Gallery

Middleton Camellia Walk

Middleton Camellia WalkBelow are some photos from the Camellia Walk at Middleton Plantation.  I went with my mom and husband so you’ll see us in the pictures too.  I wish I was a professional photographer so I could better share the beauty of Middleton with you, but this, along with my recommendation to go, is the best I can do!!  If you go, don’t miss the secret gardens and the stable.  The animals are amazing.  I’d never seen a water buffalo before.  There were two and I honestly initially thought they were some kind of cow or bull.  One was totally in the water which was odd if it was a bull.  The horses they have there are also pretty amazing.  Amazingly BIG!  They’re in the photos too.

I think the best part was being outside on a beautiful day, with family, at a beautiful place.  It refreshes the soul.

If you go on a busy day and want to eat at the restaurant, I suggest you make reservations!  (if you click on the photos and scroll through them, you’ll see the titles for each) . Middleton Camellia Walk.

If you’re looking for more to do in Summerville, check out the Farmers Market any Saturday morning.