How to be a Good Neighbor

Neighborhood Party!

Are you planning to buy a new home in the near future?  Not sure about how to meet your neighbors?  Or if they’ll be friendly? Summerville has maintained its small-town identity despite experiencing tremendous growth in the last few decades and hopefully you’ll love your neighborhood, but here are some ideas to ease the adjustment and be referred to as a good neighbor by everyone. 

Introduce yourself by throwing a party 

The easiest way to break the ice and be informal with all your neighbors in a new neighborhood is to throw a party as soon as you are free from the work of settling in. Make sure you personally invite all the neighbors and be there to entertain everyone who arrives in your home for the party.  

Remember first names and greet people when you see them 

Properly parked cars

Communicating with people who are new to you can be problematic until you know their names. Make sure you remember their names by jotting down relevant details in a notebook. You make the atmosphere lively and warm by greeting others by calling out their names. 

Keep your house clean and park the cars properly 

People start to talk about a new neighbor when they find he is doing something that is unacceptable or undesirable for them. Don’t give an excuse to your neighbors and try to follow the rules. Keep your house clean inside and outside and park your vehicles in such a manner that they do not cause any inconvenience to others, like hanging over the sidewalk.

Helping neighbors make for a great place to live.

Be helpful to others One way to be labeled a Good Samaritan is to make your presence felt by solving the problems of others.  It does not always take money to help others. You can also help by showing your concern and by giving your time and energy to help someone who is facing a problem.  This is easier to do once you know your neighbors of course.

Do not disturb others 

You can become a good neighbor if you are not creating problems for others. When partying, make sure that the noise produced from the music system is not too loud. Behave in a mature and socially responsible manner when partying or talking to friends outside your home.  Some folks go to be early.

If you are a quiet person having a friendly nature, it is not going to be a big deal for you to win over the hearts and minds of all your neighbors in Summerville.  It just takes a concerted effort.