How to Give Access to Buyers When Selling Your Home

You’ve just signed the listing paperwork and there’s always the question of, “How would you like to be notified for showings?”  While it’s not easy keeping your home ready to show at all times, it’s one of the best things you can do to get your home sold quickly. It is one of the four top considerations that make a quality listing. The other three are condition, financing and price.

It is highly recommended to place a lockbox on the property to allow the buyers agent easy access to the key when an appointment has been confirmed. While many homeowners feel like anyone can come into their home with a lockbox, this is not true. You’ll still have say over when someone is allowed to access the lockbox. They are now computerized and anytime an agent opens the lockbox, a report is generated.

There are several different levels of access options when a home is on the market. This is how a buyers agent gets appointments confirmed. Here they are in order of ease for the buyers agent.

Go and Show appointment – this is usually reserved for homes that are vacant. Any request is immediately approved without sellers needing to approve it. The sellers, if they wish, can be notified of the showings through text, email or phone call.

Appointment Required – this is best for occupied homes. When buyers agents want to show the home, the seller will be notified by phone, text or email. Whichever method you check most is recommended. If at all possible, approve the appointment as requested and as quickly as possible. Agents are usually setting up multiple homes to show at one time and in a certain order and you want to make sure your home stays on the list. Requesting a time change or denying the appointment risks losing the buyer. If they can’t get an appointment that easily accommodates their schedule, they’ll go look at others and may not come back.

Appointment Required with restricted access – two of the most common restrictions are limited hours or specific notice requirements. Examples include showings from 10am – 4pm M-F only or requiring 24 hour notice for all showings. This is highly discouraged as some buyers may only be in town for a short time or can only look outside of work hours, etc. Buyers may not look at your home at all and you miss the sale.

In today’s market, access can make or break your ability to get the price you are looking for. The longer a home sits on the market, the less likely you’ll get your asking price. If it sits on the market too long, buyers wonder why it hasn’t sold and what’s wrong with it, possibly keeping it from selling at all. Don’t underestimate the value of easy access to seeing your home.