Gypsy Parlor – a Cuban Delight

Gyspy Parlor

Gypsy Parlor Beginnings

Stopped in at one of our newest restaurants, The Gypsy Parlor.  Magdalen Arango is the Executive Liaison.  She shared with me their history and how they started.  Originally it was a Food Truck.  After several permanent locations opened, they retired the food truck.  Now, the Gypsy Parlor on Doty St is their third location.  The first two are called Gypsy Pantry.  They are located at 5060 Dorchester Rd and 141 Calhoun St, downtown Charleston.

An Amazing Culinary Delight

The Gypsy Parlor offers both a place to relax with a cup of coffee or to share a meal with family and friends.  A full-service coffee bar is available with amazing pastries.  Because all pastries are from local bakeries, they are fresh every day.   A favorite is Flan Tre Leche. It’s a pastry with a custard-like texture that melts in the mouth.  If you have never had flan before, now is the time to try it!

If you are hungry there is an amazing menu.  Try the Cuban appetizers, baked empanadas, sandwiches, Tacos, soups, salads, entrees, and desserts.  Everything is made fresh daily using locally purchased ingredients.  Even their dressings and sauces are made fresh daily.

What to Expect When you Visit

Walking into The Gypsy Parlor is a visual delight.  The walls are black with explosions of colors in the artwork by local artist, Julie Wheeler.

Located upstairs is the Botanica Deda Gitana, which means Spirit of the Gypsy.  The botanical /spiritual store has so many wonderful things available.  One common way to connect with the Spiritual world around us is by incense. A large selection of scents and incense, burners, and resins are available for purchase.  Interested in Spiritual Books? Because the Gypsy Parlor has a small library of various spiritual, metaphysical, and philosophical books for you to check out.  And there is a large selection of crystals and statues representing the spiritual world.  Also for purchase is assorted jewelry keeping with the Gypsy theme.

Need to reduce some stress?  Visit the meditation room for meditation or Reiki, a Japanese technique: laying on of hands.

Thank you Gypsy Parlor, for sharing your love for Cuban with Summerville.

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