Giving Back through our Local Charities

Volunteering in Summerville

Giving back with your time

Giving back through our local charities.  It always feels good to contribute something of value to the society you live in.  If you live in Summerville, you have ample opportunities to do some good for others by involving yourself with a few local charities. It is not necessary to donate money. There are many more ways to become a good Samaritan by becoming involved with the efforts of a local charity.  

Non-profits rely heavily on donations from their community and appreciate those who give financially.  Many have time to give and many hands make light work and there is always something in need of doing.  If it is your desire to do something for the less privileged and for those who are facing problems in their lives, please jump in. There are also many benefits of being involved with the community you live in. 

Here are a few insights from studies that have been done:

  • It makes not only the world better but also makes you feel better. Whether you decide to give money, your time, or energy, you will find that it gives you happiness and a sense of well being. The knowledge that you are giving back to society makes you feel better. 

    Giving Back through our Local Charities

    Many hands make light work

  • You will feel happy and live longer
  • Helping others is contagious. It sets off a chain reaction. You can inspire many others to do the same. 
  • It may bring relief from chronic pains. 
  • Altruism may help in lowering your blood pressure. 
  • You can show the way to your kids. 
  • You will feel more satisfied with your life. 

Once you have decided to do something for your community, there is nothing that can stop you or prove to be obstacles. There are dozens of charities operating in Summerville and bringing a positive change in the lives of others. You can get information about all the charities and their areas of expertise by visiting   Enjoy giving back through our local charities.

Giving Back through our Local Charities

Get involved by volunteering!

Several Featured Local Charities

Association for the Blind is a charity in Charleston that is supporting kids and adults who are either blind or suffer from visual impairment.

Book Angels is a society that works to improve literacy in kids and adults by providing them with books.

My Sister’s House provides resources and assistance for kids and adults affected by domestic violence.