Dorchester Paws – The Place to Find your Perfect Pet

Guest Blog Post by Patricia Sturbaum

Dorchester Paws History

Frances R Willis established Dorchester Paws in 1972 on Summerville land that was generously donated by Kapstone.  Formerly known as Frances R. Willis SPCA, today it’s known as Dorchester Paws.  Because it’s a 502(c)3 non-profit organization, any donations are tax-deductible.  Their mission statement is “Dorchester Paws strives to instill humane principles into society through the prevention of cruelty to animals.”  As a partner in the No Kill South Carolina Coalition, they strive to end unnecessary euthanasia and give every animal a chance.  Their work:

      • combats overpopulation
      • promotes responsible pet ownership
      • feeds the hungry
      • shelters the homeless
      • protects the abused
      • reunites lost pets with their families
      • finds homes for strays.


There are some wonderful opportunities to assist Dorchester Paws.  One creative way to help is just walking your own dog or a shelter dog.  When you download the app ( and support Dorchester Paws, they have the chance to win challenges.  The more active walkers for Dorchester Paws, the more donations the shelter can receive.

Another creative way to help, how about making a shelter pet your office mascot?  This is my favorite idea!  You can take a shelter pet from Dorchester Paws to your office to hang out.  They can greet customers and as a result, they can possibly find their furever home.  A dog or cat can be an office mascot!  The pets that will do the best are ones that are calm around new people and maybe older. The staff will assist you in selecting the perfect animal for your office. This can be a day trip for the animal or take him/her to work and home with you for a week.

Dorchester PawsSpreading the Word

The staff loves seeing posts about their shelter pets by community members!  So any time you work with a shelter pet, please promote them on social media with pictures, videos, live videos.  On Facebook or Instagram, be sure to tag @DorchesterPaws and use #ThinkAdoptionFirst.

On their website, is all the information if you would like to help this awesome organization.  The animals will provide unconditional love for any help you give them.  Oh yes, the staff appreciates it too.

If you’re looking for other ways to get involved in our community, check out my blog post about some of our other local charities.