Condo Renovation – a Total Make Over

When John and Joyce, parents of long-time clients of mine, decided to purchase a second home here in Summerville to be near their kids and grandkids, they didn’t plan on a renovation project.  They were looking for easy living.  I hadn’t met them but talked with them several times on the phone and they had plans to come down and look.

Before they got here, a condo in Ashborough East came on the market.  It was perfect for them … except it was really dated.  It was on a small lake, had a screen porch, 10′ ceilings, two-bedroom, two baths, and close to their children.  The condo had a great feel to it.  These types of condos don’t come on the market often, especially in Summerville.  We put a contract on it without them having seen it or me even meeting them.  Luckily, when they got here, they loved it and saw its potential.

renovation before photo

The Renovation Begins

Then the work began.  Due to some asbestos in the unit, they decided to gut it and really do the renovation right.  That’s when I referred to Design Refined.  Cindy Grosso and Karie Calhoun, the owners of Design Refined, managed the project from beginning to end.  The unit was taken down to the studs, and even the subflooring was replaced.  The biggest changes were in the kitchen and baths.  The kitchen was opened up and an island put in.  With the tall ceilings, taller cabinets were installed.  The master bath lost a wall and now has a walk-in shower.  The living room received a new french door to the screen porch and wainscoting.  It was starting to take shape.

renovation after photoThe Furnishings are Selected

Once the major work was done and the floors, walls, and essentials were put back in their places, the decorating began.  Because this was a second home, they didn’t bring any furnishings except dining room chairs.  (Not just any chairs, but chairs that John handmade. They are very impressive.  Every spindle was hand-carved, not on a lathe, but actually hand-carved and they are extremely comfortable.  I love them!)  Other than that they needed everything.  Cindy and Karie went with the owner’s shopping and helped them select items to create the look the owners wanted.   Here’s the testimonial from Joyce …

“We have had a great time working with you and recommend you to everyone! People take one look at our photos and immediately say that designers must have arranged the rooms. Comments range from “cozy” to “serene” to “upscale” to “happy”.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”    Joyce B., Homeowner

John and Joyce are very pleased with their new home in Summerville and it was a great renovation project for Design Refined.  John and Joyce now enjoy all Summerville has to offer and more importantly, they are close to their family.  A win-win.

Check out the gallery below.  Click on the pics to enlarge.  If you’re looking for your own renovation project, check out these handyman special homes on the market.