Choosing the Best Windows

Single pane, double pane, thermo pane, triple pane windows, plain glass, leaded glass, low “e” glass, wired glass, and tempered glass, too. WOW – There’s a lot to know!

Some children have been known to shatter a window or two. Tempered glass can prevent this.  Tempered glass is about three times stronger than regular glass.  When it does shatter, it shatters into small, mostly harmless fragments.

Thermal pane windows are a common form of more energy efficient windows.  They have multiple panes of high energy efficient glass with a sealed interior.  If the seal breaks, it becomes fogged and may need to be replaced. New argon gas filled windows work well to insulate, while low-e coatings reduce the heat transfer for south facing rooms.

There are many types of windows, all with pros and cons.  We will be happy to show you the different types of windows and glass as we show you around homes, so be sure to ask us.