Meet Cal Huge – the photographer

Cal Huge

Who is Cal Huge?

Cal Huge is a life long learner – with his latest passion being photography.  He’s one of those men that the more you get to know him, the more you realize how extraordinaire he is.  His occupations have included attorney, farmer, coordinator for relief and development projects, basketball coach, finance manager for MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship,) competitive sailor, Head of Schools, CEO for Mercy Ships and currently Photographer.

How Cal got started in photography

Cal began dabbling in photography in 1998 while recuperating from health issues that required him to “take it easy.”  The roses he planted and cared for while living in Charlotte, NC became his first subjects.  From that point forward, Cal was hooked and rarely traveled without a camera.  He developed and refined his artistic eye in Europe, the Middle East and Africa where he worked with Christian relief and development organizations. 

Cal fully retired in 2009. This has allowed him the time to educate himself in the discipline of photography to enhance his knowledge and skills.  When he became a certified scuba diver at the age of 65, he then discovered the world of underwater photography.  To capture a scene in a millisecond of time, study the intricacies, the play of light and shadow and other details often obscured by the familiar has become Cal’s new passion.  His desire is to show through his photographs the glory of creation. 

Where you can find his photos

His photos are hanging in my office for display and for sale.  There are butterflies and sunsets taken in St Martin, a bear, and waterfalls in Yellowstone Park, deer in Williamsburg, Mt Blanc above the clouds in France, the Grand Tetons in Wyoming and more.  One of my favorites is “Frosty,” the white raccoon that lives in Cal’s backyard. 

When you’re downtown, please stop by to see some of his fabulous work.  The wall where his photos are displayed is appropriately named The Glory Gallery.  You’ll find it at 131 S Main St on Hutchinson Square between Eva’s and Flowertown Players.  Come visit.