906 South Main – the beginning

Our house the day we purchased it.

Hi! Since my husband, Steven, and I have purchased our home and started renovating, we’ve had many people tell us “Oh yeah, we know where you live! We drive by all the time and are watching your progress,” I thought I’d post some background, stories and pictures as we take this journey. We didn’t start out looking for a renovation project, but had just sold our house and was looking for a place to rent as we built a house on some land we already owned. Well if any of you rent, you know the rental market has gone crazy the last couple of years and we were shocked to realize rent for a 3 bedroom apartment would almost be as much as the mortgage of the 3200sft house we just sold! My husband said “let’s buy something and then we’ll keep it as a rental when our house is built.” Sounded good to me! So I started looking, found something nearby and the evening we were going to put in an offer, Steven says, “Why don’t you look in downtown Summerville and see what’s available.” I laugh thinking that’s a far fetch but low and behold, I find our house and it’s well within our price range including the renovations, or so I justify. The next day I go look at it with a girlfriend of mine, fall in love immediately, and call Steven to tell him this is it! It needs to be renovated but I assure him it’s currently livable! I’m so excited to show it to him. After work, he comes to look at it and well, to say he doesn’t share my enthusiasm is an understatement. I’m the dreamer and he’s the realist. I see all the possibilities and although he agrees, he

Our house currently under renovation.

sees all the work … All the work HE’S going to be doing. Because he loves me he agrees and our plans change from building a new home to renovating an old one and we sell our land. That was in February 2013. For the next several years we tinker here and there but with Steven working 60+ hours regularly, not much was getting done. He changes jobs in 2015 and that’s when the real work begins. Miranda Lambert has a song that sings “Plans were drawn, concrete poured, and nail by nail and board by board, Daddy gave life to mama’s dream.” I feel like I’m living this verse out everyday. I’m very blessed to have a husband who loves me so much he’d tackle a renovation project way bigger than I ever imagined just because I asked.