Fun fact about Summerville – Bird Sculptures!

Canadian Geese in Hutchinson Square

If you live in Summerville or have ever walked around the downtown area, you may have noticed some bird sculptures perched around here and there.  Although they may look random without plaques or any indication who sculpted them or who put them there, they are not just random.  They are part of a series by Sculpture in the South, an organization that promotes the appreciation of sculpture through education and the creation of an accessible public sculpture collection.  While you may have seen one or two birds, there are actually more than 20 life size sculptures overlooking the town from their perches on balconies, shop signs, roof tops and windowsills.  My favorite is the Northern Mockingbird by Paul Rhymer at the Timrod Library on Central Street.  Numerous sculptors from across the country have contributed to the collections, all with with impressive backgrounds and credentials.  Sculptor

Northern Mockingbird

Paul Rhymer has worked at the Smithsonian Museum as a model maker / taxidermist for years but sculpting wildlife continues to be his favorite.  Over half of the birds sculptures in the collection were commissioned from Paul. Click here if you’d like more information on all of these beautiful pieces of art, or click here for a map of where you can find them.  Enjoy!